CLAS Ropes Course more than just ropes


CLAS Ropes Course is much more than a few rope swings. Comprising different jumps, swings, climbs and river activities, CLAS Ropes Course has entertained more than 100,000 guests since it was built by owner Benjamin Allen in 1994.

Delanie Webb, office manager of the course, is proud of what the course has been able to do. Along with helping people have fun on various climbs and swings, the course also focuses on building communication through teamwork and reinforcement. “People can do a lot more than they think they can,” Webb said.

Rashel Anderson, principal at Mapleton Junior High, recently took a group of her students to the rope course. “It’s awesome,” she said. “They have fun but also learn to listen to each other and work together.” One of those students, Harry Nielson, described his time on the swing as “so much fun.”

Not only does the course have all kinds of climbs and swings, but the new moonlight canoe rides are popular. On weekend evenings with a full moon, the course provides canoes to use on the river, as well as drinks and s’mores. “We get lots of dates and lots of proposals,” Webb said.

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