Varieties of Provo ice cream


Provo is a popular location for ice cream start-ups because of its student demographic.

Peter Black, marketing manager for Sub Zero, said the owners of Sub Zero recognized the potential Provo had as a location for their company to succeed.

“Jerry Hancock brought it closer to Provo, thinking that this fun, exciting ice cream was going to be better with students and that Provo would be a better market than where he was,” Black said. It was once they opened their store in Provo that their company began to thrive.

Other store owners have had similar experiences with success by opening their shops in the Provo/Orem area. This has provided a variety of options for the community, such as gelato, custard, Italian ice, frozen yogurt and more.

Sub Zero

Jerry and Naomi Hancock opened the store in 2004. Locations have now spread across the United States, as well as to China, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and soon Costa Rica. Sub Zero uses liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream instantly. Its Provo location is 1774 N. University Parkway.

Ari Davis
Bernouli Brulee


A mixture of Italian ice and custard has brought this business success since it first began in Philadelphia in 1984. Every day employees make the ice with fresh fruit. Rita’s came to Provo about a year ago and has been a hit among the community. Rita’s is at 1283 N. University Ave. in Provo.

Ari Davis
Mango gelato with vanilla custard.

Spoon It Up

The shop has 20–25 core flavors and experiments with new ones. Fresh fruit, nuts, chocolates and other options make up the 40 or more toppings. Current favorite flavors include coconut, red velvet, tiger’s blood Italian ice and all summer sorbet flavors. Spoon It Up has been located right next to BYU for about five years. It is located at 840 N. 700 East in Provo.

Ari Davis
Frozen yogurt mixed with berries, chocolate chips and coconut.

Coney’s Frozen Custard

Coney’s Frozen Custard is another local startup that began in 2003. The goal was to bring frozen custard to Utah County. Specialties include sundaes, cyclones — custard blended with a topping — and flavors of the day that rotate weekly. Coney’s Frozen Custard is at 242 E. University Parkway in Orem.

Ari Davis
Turtle sundae

Dolce Amelia

Dolce Amelia has added the cultural option of gelato — Italian-style ice cream — to the mix of ice cream locations. The first Dolce Amelia opened in Orem at 800 N. 724 East in 2014. A new Provo location will open in a couple weeks on Freedom Blvd. The flavors include salted caramel, passion fruit, dark chocolate, dolce strawberry and cheesecake. The shop provides dairy-free and gluten-free options.

Ari Davis
Passion fruit gelato

Iceberg Drive Inn

This is one of Utah’s most classic and long-lasting ice cream shops. Iceberg Drive Inn first began in Salt Lake City in 1960. Locations have now spread as far as California. The restaurant is known for its thick, above-the-rim shakes. The Iceberg Drive Inn is at 180 N. State Street. in Orem.

Ari Davis
Red raspberry shake
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