Utah company bringing leadership training across the world


Becoming Your Best Global Leadership is a Utah company seeking to build a better world of through the promotion of better business. It’s latest initiative is a world tour to teach business skills across many nations.

Becoming Your Best Global Leadership has previously done workshops throughout the nation but is now trying to expand its reach.

According to Barbara Quittner, spokesperson for Becoming Your Best Global Leadership, the tour started in May and the firsts stops will include many states across the U.S. The tour will then move throughout the world and will visit Australia, the Philippines, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Cuba, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Becoming Your Best Global Leadership was founded to create stronger individuals and families through leadership skills.

“If we are successful in our professional lives it impacts our personal lives,” Steven Shallenberger, president of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership and BYU alumnus, told the Universe.

The skills taught also emphasize the need for business practices that lift everyone involved. “If you are making all the money in the world but treating your employees like trash then it’s not sustainable,” Shallenberger said.

The company has been providing leadership training for many years based on the principles found in Shallenberger’s USA Today bestselling book “Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.” The company’s professional training has been in high demand throughout the United States and it is now taking these principles across the globe to it’s many international clients.

Shallenberger recounted a recent trip to Rwanda, where he and his team held leadership training for entrepreneurs. The team saw the changes that needed be made and wanted to bring the training other places that needed it.

The goal of the tour is to show people that “leadership does make a difference” through leadership training. Shallenberger says they will also have opportunities for humanitarian work in the areas they visit.

According to Shallenberger, students and everyday citizens can learn to integrate principles of leadership to help lift each other.

“When we lead our own lives and are doing the right things we become an influence,” Shallenberger said.

Utah has been recognized by Forbes as the best state for business and this tour marks another effort of Utah business leaders to continue that honor and set themselves apart in the global market.

In May, Shallenberger and Gov. Herbert held a press conference ending in a ribbon cutting to officially launch the tour. Shallenberger’s team will be traveling throughout the U.S. and six continents to teach leadership skills to the businesses and communities of the places they visit.

Herbert showed tremendous support for the tour and praised Becoming Your Best Global Leadership for their efforts.

“Around the world there is a need for good leadership grounded in good principles with good values accompanying that leadership,” Herbert said at the press conference.

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