BYU Ducky Derby proves to be a fun, energizing activity

BYU students decorate their ducks in hopes to win the Ducky Derby. The Ducky Derby had over 300 attendees this year. (BYU Event Management Team)
BYU students decorate their ducks in hopes to win the Ducky Derby. The Ducky Derby had more than 300 attendees this year. (BYU Event Management Team)

BYU’s campus was bursting with energy as children, BYU students and adults from the community gathered to cheer their ducks on to victory in BYU’s annual Ducky Derby Saturday, May 30.

There were between 300 to 400 people in attendance this year, according to the BYU Events Management Team, which has sponsored the event since 2010. Two dollars bought each attendee ice cream and a rubber duck to decorate and race.

“The Ducky Derby’s been perfect. There were treats for kids,” attendee Benjamin Padilla said. “It’s been fun for the kids to see the ducks race.”

Padilla attended the event with his wife and two children. The family said they enjoyed the face painting and hope to attend next year.

Helping families enjoy a meaningful activity was one of the goals of the Ducky Derby, according to BYU senior and BYU Event Management Team member Marie Johnson.

“A lot of times families spent time together without really seeing each other,” Johnson said. “The Ducky Derby provides an opportunity for quality time. It’s so simple that you get to know the people better for families or even if you’re just on a date or with friends.”

BYU students flocked to the event as well. One of these participants was BYU senior Jessica Lete, one of the many students who gathered with friends to participate in the annual Ducky Derby.

“I wanted something fun to do with my friends,” Lete said. “And what’s more fun that rubber ducks?”

For BYU senior Remi Fulhriman, this was her first time at the Ducky Derby. She chose to decorate her duck with cheetah stripes.

“Hopefully the stripes will help with the speed,” she said.

BYU senior Jennie Owens volunteered at the event. She enjoys the event as a different volunteer opportunity from others in the area.

“It sounded so unique. I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this,” Owens said. “I mean, it’s the most epic race of rubber ducks that there is. Watching the kids get excited about their ducks was incredible.”

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