Sundance’s new zip line one of nation’s longest, steepest



    Sundance's Ziptour soars over the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. This one of a kind zipline expects to bring visitors from around the country. (Czar Johnson)
    Sundance’s ZipTour soars over the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. This one-of-a-kind zip line expects to bring visitors from around the country. (Czar Johnson)

    Imagine soaring through the sky with the euphoric feeling of absolute freedom. This summer people can spread their wings like Lenny Kravitz and fly away. Sundance Mountain Resort is opening its nearly two-mile Sundance ZipTour this month. It will be the longest zip ride tour in Utah and the third longest in the United States.

    “ZipTour will feature four individual line spans, including the sixth longest zip line span in the United States,” said Annie Cutler, Sundance marketing manager.

    Each rider controls the speed of descent with a patented trolley mechanism and can even choose mid-rde to take in the awe-inspiring vistas.

    “ZipTour is a game-changing addition to our recreation offerings at Sundance Mountain Resort,”said Chad Linebaugh, resort general manager. “ZipTour will bring an unparalleled zip line experience to our visitors and will give outdoor enthusiasts of all ages a spectacular new way to enjoy the beauty our resort has to offer year-round.”

    “We believe this new zip line will not only be a statewide attraction but a national one as well,” Cutler said. “As guests new and old enjoy this new adventure, they will also get an idea of the amazing dining and other fantastic mountain activities Sundance has to offer.”

    Three different ZipTour packages will allow visitors to experience two spans or all four spans. “Each span will give visitors the opportunity to customize their zip line experience and explore the mountain in a way they never have before. Guests can choose the full, four-span tour, or a shorter version that doesn’t include all four spans,” Cutler said.

    The longest span is 3,871 feet and is the sixth longest single-span zip line in the United States. ZipTour has a total vertical drop of 2,100 feet, which is the most vertical drop of any zip line tour in the country. Riders glide through the air nearly 500 feet off the ground at some points

    Conserving the nature and beauty of the mountain was taken into account when constructing the ZipTour. “A lot of time and care went into the construction of the ZipTour to ensure a minimal impact on the surrounding environment,” Cutler said. “For example, Sundance used a specialized helicopter to transport and connect several of the spans.”

    The ZipTour adds to Sundance’s repertoire of summer activities including mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding and fly-fishing. The new zip line is set to open Memorial Day weekend.

    “Guests who don’t ski or snowboard and may never have had the opportunity to enjoy our Bearclaw Lodge at the top of the mountain will now have an opportunity to enjoy that location with the breathtaking 360 views of our Wasatch Mountains,” Cutler said.

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