Rooftop Concert Series no longer on the rooftop


Downtown Provo’s Rooftop Concert Series announced its lineup for the first concert of the season and a venue change.

Joshua James, Sergio and Quiet House will play in the first concert of this year’s series on Friday, June 5. and will be located at 100 West and Center Street.

“We could clearly see that we were stuffing people in,” said C. Jane Kendrick, co-founder of the Rooftop Series. “We could see that people were turning away because they couldn’t find space, and we want everyone to feel welcome.”

The Rooftop Concert Series began in 2010 and started out with 500 audience members, which, Kendrick said, made them “very happy.” Since then, concert attendance has grown. Last October, the series hosted Neon Trees and moved the venue for the concert from the top of the Provo Town Square parking terrace to 900 West and Center Street, where the concert will take place this year. Kendrick said there are no plans to change the name of the Rooftop Concert Series despite the change in venue.

“We feel like that is who we are,” Kendrick said. “The mayor wants people 20 years from now to ask, ‘Why is it called the Rooftop?’ It ties us back to our roots: we started on the roof and then moved to the streets.”

This year food trucks will be incoorporated into the concert series along with guest sponser Sodalicious. The Sodalicious trailor will also be the spot to buy concert t-shirts. Google Fiber, Pepsi, Provo City and Nuskin are the headlining sponsors that will be present throughout the summer with giveaways and competitions for concert goers.

The concert series remains free and is a way to encourage people to “come downtown and experience all that Provo has to offer,” Kendrick said.

“Students are welcome; we couldn’t have grown without their support,” Kendrick said. “Every time they invest time to going to a concert it helps Provo to grow. It is a great place for BYU students and Provo City to come together.”

The concerts will continue to take place on the first Friday of each month throughout the summer. The lineup for each month will be posted on the Rooftop Concert Series website. For more information, go to

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