Honoring your university


You’re a student at BYU, right? OK, then why are you wearing a USC T-shirt? Often while I am walking around campus I see many students walking around in other universities’ apparel. I feel as if everyone who comes to BYU has a story. This story generally includes a spiritual impression or reason why they chose to come to school here. Individuals who wear other schools’ apparel demean the reason they chose to attend BYU when they could be developing a sense of school spirit for BYU. As our students develop more spirit for BYU, the overall morale and atmosphere will become an even more enjoyable place. A better atmosphere will lead to an even better college experience.

Often I’ll stop and ask others why they are wearing another school’s shirt. The most common response can be summarized as, “It’s a school from my home state. It shows my state pride.” I strongly disagree. I have seen just as many shirts with the simple phrase “Wisconsin,” “California” or even the ever-prideful Texan touting his or her own “Don’t Mess with Texas” shirt. These aforementioned individuals have pride in their states, not in other universities.

We can be grateful that in a country where 34,000,000 students are going to college we are a few of 35,000 attending the university where, ultimately, Jesus Christ is at the head. I submit this: we all can “try a little harder to be a little better” when it comes to honoring this university.

Cody Nore
Yuba City, California

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