Hats off to BYU


It should become a habit for all who enter Brigham Young University’s campus to take off their hats as a
sign of respect. We’ve instituted this practice into similar aspects of our lives, and yet so many of us fail to show the respect that these dedicated buildings, and our peers, deserve.

LDS Business College has explicitly stated in its honor code that hats should not be worn in its
classrooms. “LDS Business College is a dedicated building. Out of respect for that status, and as a
courtesy to faculty and classmates, students are requested not to wear hats in classrooms. Hats with
inappropriate language or symbols, or that imply gang membership, violate the College’s dress and
grooming standards.” Likewise, the buildings on BYU’s campus are dedicated and should be given this
same respect.

Many of those who come to campus, meaning students and visitors alike, tend to forget that these same
buildings that are used for classroom instruction are also used for religious instruction and practice
every week. Now, most individuals generally give the courtesy of taking off their hats when entering a
place of worship. Why should these places of worship on BYU’s campus be any different?
I ask all who enter BYU’s campus to show it the respect it deserves. In doing so, I am reminded that
by respecting the facilities and the practices that are carried out there, we are also respecting those
around us and the beliefs they have.

Beau Jones
St. George 

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