Provo’s half marathon aims to be family-oriented

A runner is greeted by family after he crosses the finish line. Over 1,700 runner and volunteers were involved in this year 2015 Provo Half Marathon. (Maddi Dayton)
A runner is greeted by family after he crosses the finish line. More than 1,700 runners and volunteers were involved in the 2015 Provo Half Marathon. (Maddi Dayton)

The Provo City Half Marathon is host to one of the most family friendly events in the state. Race director Denny Thorne said the Provo City Half Marathon prides themselves on being the first road race to include family-friendly activities with kids races, bounce houses, and free food. “Instead of parents sitting in cars waiting for their families to finish, we actually have an event that takes place,” Thorne said.

The Provo City Half Marathon has seen an increase in runners and participators in the event. This year over 1,700 runners ran the 13.1 mile course.

Morgan Haws, a BYU alumni, has been training for this race at sea level. Coming to altitude was nerve-racking and made her lunges burn.

“This course is one of my favorites because it switches up the scenery,” Haws said.  “Running in the canyon is absolutely beautiful and then you get to finish in the city with crowds of people and it is so fun.” Haws walked away as the first female finisher, and her first half marathon win in the state of Utah.

Riley Cook ran the Provo City Half Marathon three years ago and took second place. This year he came back determined to finish first.  Cook runs 10-15 races a year, and said the Provo City Half marathon is unique because of the time of year as well as the downhill slope of the course. Cook beat his previous time of 1:07:55 by one minute.

The Provo City Half Marathon is an all-encompassing, stress free and family-friendly event with accommodating staff members, sponsors and fans. To view this year’s results, or to learn how you can register for next year’s race, visit

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