Power of the donut


PROVO — Are you a fan of delicious flavor? Well, apparently BYU fans are.

“I think this is the largest donut I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s definitely unique. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Kelsey and Ryan, BYU students, said.

“I just saw somebody walking by with this giant donut, and I was like, wow, I want that,” Michael Shipley, BYU baseball fan, said.

The cougar tail almost never made it to the concession stand, with some people wondering if it would ever sell. Now almost ten years later, Cougar fans are eating up the idea, quite literally. Cougar tail creator Dean Wright, told how it all went down.

“I was trying to come up with an idea that would really be unique to BYU. I was on my way to the Cougareat to buy a couple maple bars, which are my favorite donut. I took them home and I put them end to end, and just looking at them I thought, wow, that kind of looks like a cougar tail,” Dean Wright, founder of the cougar tail, said.

Cougar tails aren’t just your average donut. This BYU favorite hits concession stands at a crazy 15 and a quarter inches, and it’s also making big bucks for the school.

“Our number one items that we sell in our concessions are soda, followed by water, then number three is the cougar tail. It outsells hot dogs, it outsells popcorn, it outsells pretzels. I think that shows that the fans are pretty pleased,” Wright said.

The jury’s out, nothing tops a gigantic donut for BYU sports fans. Wright added that the cougar tail is so successful that it’s even been trademarked.




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