New Apple emojis: What do you use?


Apple’s new iOS 8.3 update offers more emoji choices than ever before. iPhone users can choose between five different skin tone options and insert more diversified family emojis.

Business Insider explores the various emojis and the new choices available. Many iPhone users have complained, over time, that the emojis lack diversity. Those who have not yet downloaded the newest update cannot see these emojis.

Other new emojis include an Apple Mac desktop computer, Apple watch, iPhone 6 and 32 new country flags. Some Twitter users complain that there are still no volleyball, overweight, dog breeds or redhead emojis.

We asked some BYU students what five emojis they use the most. These emojis show up in the “Recently Used” category. What are your top five emojis?

Senior Paige Torgerson, Westminster, California, English major, editing minor
Paige Torgerson’s top five emojis
Senior Jordan Gray Calgary Alberta Canada Exercise Science
Senior Jordan Gray
Calgary Alberta Canada
Exercise Science
Jordan Gray’s recently used emojis. (Nalia Tafua)
Jeff Orgill Dentistry
Jeff Orgill
Jeff Orgill's recently used emojis. (Cassidy Phillips)
Jeff Orgill’s recently used emojis. (Cassidy Phillips)

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