Police Beat: April 1–April 6



Criminal Mischief

April 1— An individual received a threatening text message at the Harold B. Lee Library. It was determined that the message was an April Fool’s prank.


April 1— An individual reported clothing taken from an unattended backpack at the Marriott Center.


Criminal Mischief

April 1— Due to previous convictions a man was arrested after consuming items at Smith’s deli.

April 1— Police stopped a woman that appeared to be under the influence of drugs. The women was arrested for a DUI.

April 1— Police cited two individuals with illegal substances in the mall parking lot. The two were cited, and their drugs were confiscated.

April 3— Police cited a man for indecent exposure at a local business.

April 3— A suspect was given a citation for assault. Police say the suspect was parked in the fire lane at Costco and was asked multiple times, by an employee, to move his vehicle. The suspect became upset and hit the employee with his car door.


April 3— An individual wrote a check to a business on a closed account. This will be a repeat offense for the suspect.


April 3— A green 1988 Acura Integra was stolen.


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