Non-transferrable credits


I transferred over to this school to a nice surprise. My Writing 150 and mission preparation classes didn’t count for anything. On top of that, my economics class doesn’t count towards my prerequisite classes, and a 95 percent in Accounting 200 only counts as a 90 percent here. This is all because I transferred from BYU—Idaho.

This is something that I would be a little more understanding of had I not heard from my roommate that his mission preparation class transferred from a non-CES school, Dixie State. I went to the transfer office and discussed this with them, stating that all mission preparation classes are taught using the same manual that, by the way, has been approved by the apostles. It is apparent the quality of education at BYU—Provo is greater than that of BYU—Idaho. However, the outline of the class remains the same, as well as the spiritual strength and ability of the professors to prepare the youth for a mission.

The professors at BYU—Provo did not serve greater missions or become more able to teach mission prep on their missions than did those at Rexburg. I understand that BYU—Provo is prestigious and wants to remain a top school; it also wants to keep students at BYU—Idaho. Why, then, does it accept Writing 150 taken at YVCC, a community college you have probably never heard of, but not the Writing 150 course taken at another CES university?

Jared Packard
Ellensburg, Washington

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