Elder Jose A. Teixeira: Using technology to seek the Lord

Elder Jose A. Teixera speaks at the Sunday Morning Session of the 185th Annual General Conference. (LDS.org)
Elder Jose A. Teixeira speaks at the Sunday morning session of the 185th Annual General Conference. (LDS.org)

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Elder Jose A. Teixeira of the Seventy spoke about the ability to access religious knowledge through technological capabilities at the Sunday morning Session of General Conference on Sunday, April 5.

“Today more than in any other time we have at our disposal exceptional opportunities and resources to deepen our understanding of the teachings of Jesus Christ and of his Atonement,” he said. “Using these resources appropriately will help us live a fruitful life filled with joy.”

Elder Teixeira suggested three habits to develop “healthy online activity:” use resources on the church’s official website, subscribe to church social networks and set aside time to be away from mobile devices.

Through healthy online activity, Elder Teixeira encouraged members to demonstrate the joyful role that Christ plays in their lives, and share this understanding with other generations.

“The more we understand the extraordinary role of Christ in our lives, the more conscious we become of our purpose here in mortality, which is to have joy,” he said. “That joy, however, does not preclude us from experiencing trials and difficulties, even some so great and complex that they may lead us to think that happiness is not possible in such circumstances.”

Elder Teixeira encouraged members of the church to use all the tools available to seek Christ and in turn receive the joy of living the gospel. He said the way to happiness is to do things that bring people closer to Christ.

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