Elder Wilford W. Andersen: The music of the gospel


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Elder Wilford W. Andersen of the Quorom of the Seventy asked the congregation if they have ever tried to dance without music at the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

Elder Wilford W. Anderson of the second Quorum of the Seventy spoke at the 185th Annual General Conference about the importance of the Holy Ghost as our constant companion. (LDS.org)

He used music and dancing as an analogy for living the gospel. “We learn the dance steps with our minds, but we hear the music with our hearts,” Elder Andersen said.

“The challenge for all of us who seek to teach the gospel is to expand the curriculum beyond just the dance steps.” Elder Andersen emphasized the importance of teaching the gospel inĀ families. “Sometimes in our homes, we successfully teach the dance steps but are not as successful in helping our family members to hear the music.”

Members who have ever been ridiculed couldĀ take comfort in his reminder that “those who dance often appear strange or awkward … to those who cannot hear the music.”

The importance of harmony in the family is much like the harmony that is necessary for beautiful, Elder Andersen said. “If you’re not hearing the music of the gospel in your home, please remember these two words: keep practicing.”

Elder Andersen maintained that “when we add music to the dance steps, the sometimes complicated rhythms of marriage and family life tend to move toward a harmonious balance.”

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