Elder Ulisses Soares: Winning the war between good and evil

Elder Soares speaks in Portuguese at the priesthood session of general conference. (LDS.org)

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Elder Ulisses Soares of the Presidency of the Seventy was the first native language speaker at the 185th Annual General Conference. He spoke in Portuguese and told priesthood holders that the war between good and evil is difficult but can be won.

Elder Soares recounted the Book of Mormon story of Captain Moroni, who defended the truth amongst dissensions and wars. Moroni remained humble despite his brilliance in exercising responsibilities, which turned him into a powerful instrument in God’s hands.

“Figuratively, all of us need to transform ourselves into modern Captain Moronis in order to win the wars against evil,” he said.

Elder Soares told about a young deacon who “transformed himself into a modern Captain Moroni.” The boy was tested every day with uncomfortable situations, including friends who tried to show him pornographic images. The boy remembered what his parents had taught him and refused to look and even counseled his friends to stay away from the images “or they would become slaves to it.”

Most of the boy’s friends ridiculed him, but one friend followed his example and stayed away from pornography from that point forward. Elder Soares urged young men to follow the principles taught in “For the Strength of Youth” even if they stand alone.

“All of us can receive the strength to choose the right if we seek the Lord and place all our trust and faith in him,” he said.

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