Must-see sites during General Conference weekend


General Conference will be held April 4–5, 2015. Thousands will gather from across the world at the Conference Center to hear modern-day revelation from Church leaders. While the Conference Center is a popular attraction, there are other sites to admire while strolling around Salt Lake.

Walk to the southwest corner of Temple Square to see the Assembly Hall — an 1800s-style building with stained glass windows. The Victorian Gothic-style reflects the popular architecture at the time the building was erected in 1877.

The Beehive House was home to the second prophet of the Church, Brigham Young. The home was built by the same architect as the Salt Lake Temple.

The Salt Lake City Tabernacle is home to the renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir. For those unable to score tickets in the Conference Center, there is an overflow area available in the Tabernacle.

The Joseph Smith Memorial Building has restaurants, a theatre and a family history center. Go to the very top for a jaw-dropping view of the city.

Located directly across the street from Temple Square, City Creek Center contains dozens of shopping and dining options. City Creek is a clean and peaceful oasis from the bustling city if one is in need of some retail therapy.

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