Professor moves to ‘mobile office’ in LSB elevator

BYU molecular biology professor Paul Evans set up his office inside an LSB elevator Wednesday, April 1. (Jenna Koford)

BYU professor Paul Evans started April Fool’s Day early when he transformed an elevator in the Life Sciences Building into his personal mobile office.

“The custodial crew is playing a trick on me right now,” Evans said. “You have to hold down the Door Close button and then move to whatever floor you want.”

When asked if he’s OK with moving up and down in the elevator, Evans said “I actually prefer it.”

Other students are tweeting about this prank, but no one knows if it will last the entire day. “I’ll be here for a season,” Evans said when asked how long he’ll keep this office.

Evans’s desk is complete with a laptop, desk lamp and scientific displays of DNA and specimens. Students in the LSB who have seen him so far say, “That’s awesome” whenever his elevator office stops on their floor. 

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