Lacey Reid: Kennedy Center Washington D.C. intern

Lacey Reid. Reid interns in Washington, D.C., for the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. (Facebook Screenshot)

BYU student Lacey Reid was accepted as part of the nationally acclaimed internship program at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Reid will be working with the Communications/Media team in the Kennedy Center’s Marketing and Advertising department from Jan. 12 to April 16, 2015. After her internship she will return to BYU to graduate in December with a bachelors in English.

While working at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. she assists in social media outlets about upcoming events, drafts subscription emails and researches artists.

One project she gets to work on currently is writing advertisement copy about a jazz musician for a radio station.

“I am so excited for the opportunity to write this 60-second advertisement that will go out on the radio,” Reid said.

Reid still has big plans for the future. She is considering working for a publishing company like the LDS Church so she can gain more experience in writing and editing.

She also wants to attend graduate school so she can further her studies in writing and editing and even non-profit administration. Reid said she has a desire to be a writer, novelist and a humanitarian.

“I am most excited to finish out my collegiate career strong, to travel the world for fun and for humanitarian efforts and to eventually start a career as a wife, mother, author and editor,” Reid said.

Reid transferred to BYU and she said it was one of the greatest decisions she’s ever made. She said she has felt that her BYU education has been elevated and she has been able to hone in on so many valuable skills. “I have had brilliant professors that rigorously pushed me because they saw my potential,” she said.

Reid said she owes these opportunities to BYU. She went on a study abroad to London, England and now “I’m in D.C. where I never thought I’d be,” Reid said.

Reid has worked hard to get where she is today and she continues to work hard in hopes to fulfill her next big dreams, she said. Things are difficult but they are completely worth it. She has learned so much during her experience at the Kennedy Center and she said she is confident this will give her many opportunities in her future.

“I have been on some crazy adventures,” Reid said, “and I can’t wait for more to come.”

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