Round 1: Sweet 16 mustaches at BYU


The month of March has only one king, and it's not basketball.
The booger brow. The flavor saver. The lip rug. It is called by many names, but there is no facial feature more important to a man than the mighty mustache.
In honor of Mustache March, choose which soup strainer and its faithful companion should be crowned the best mustache of BYU. We asked each participant their mustache's name and what their mustache would say if it could talk.

Logan Tatham and San Carlos José Rivera de la Cruz

“I have a mind of my own.”

Josh Clawson and Sanchez

“Choose me. I am the most manliest ‘stache in the world.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
San Carlos Jose' Rivera de la Cruz
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Bryson Frehner and Salvador

“Don’t judge me. Don’t be jealous, because without me there would be less happiness, joy and laughter in this world.”

Tommy Platero and Felix

“I’ll be your best friend. I’ll keep you warm in the cold.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
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Kent Williams and The Governor 

“If you can’t stand the ‘stache, get out of the kitchen.”

Brandon Akau and Tickle

“I’d love to talk, but I mustache.”

Which mustache is your favorite
The Governor
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Jordan Glad and Eduardo 

“Naturally classy.”

Ryan Poch and George

“Keeping the upper lip warm since 2015.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
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Taylor Rane and The Jeffery Dahmer

“Tickling your upper lip is the way I say I care.”

Nate Killpack and Jeffery

“I’m full of potential.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
The Jeffery Dahmer
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Dallas Bruce and The Sexy Mexy

“Back off, ladies, I’m taken.”

Dan Hales and Smee

“I’ve been around for a while, and I’m starting to get some recognition. Give me a shot!”

Which mustache is your favorite?
The Sexy Mexy
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Conor Hilton and The Detective

“I’ll grow on you.”

Lane Lisonbee and The Lady Tickler

“Think hairy thoughts.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
The Detective
The Lady Tickler
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Jordan Shumway and The Bear

“Don’t mess with The Bear.”

Duke Rogers and Ol’ Bulletproof

“Aged to perfection.”

Which mustache is your favorite?
The Bear
Ol' Bulletproof
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