16 weirdest things overheard at BYU


All quotes courtesy of the Overheard @ BYU Facebook page. The page became most popular in 2012 and 2013, so most of these quotes come from earlier times at BYU. Still, many crossing campus will hear similar oddities on any given day.

1. In a prayer: “Heavenly Father, a lot of us just suck at math. Please help us …”

2. Girl on her phone in the library: “He can finally call me his girlfriend … we have been dating for seven months now.”


4. Overheard from someone on Skype: “I’m Southern, but not ‘Dinosaurs were really Jesus horses’ Southern.”


6. A guy in my class today stood up to introduce himself: “Hi, I’m Jesse, and I’m single as of about 6 hours ago.”



9. “We’re known for our salads and our gang problems.”

10. Professor to student who just responded to his question: “You’re a sharp young man … despite what your mustache says about you.”

11. Roommate: “She has an old-man laugh. I find it very attractive.”


13. “We are never ever getting back together” starts playing overhead.
Girl: Aww, listen, it’s our song!
Guy: Wait … what?

14. Guy asks out girl. She accepts, saying this after: “Well, you and my dad have the same name, so I feel a little weird about this.”


16. Guy: “Girls don’t make any sense, so why should I?”

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