The top five BYU athletes you’re not following on Twitter


Move over @hbll; you’re not the only BYU personality on Twitter.

Having a way with words may not be necessary when you’re an athlete, but some athletes have online personas as dominant as their personalities on the court. Post-game interviews and soundbites must train them well for the 140-character world of Twitter, because these five BYU athletes know how to keep things short and sweet.

5. McKenzie St. Clair, @TheSaltyPeanut2, Softball, 2013–2015

McKenzie St. Clair earned this spot with her authentic, unfiltered perspective on the gritty realities of BYU athletics. She’s not afraid to show herself and her teammates as they really are. St. Clair also wins for the most creative handle. Honorable mention goes to fellow softball players Sydney Broderick (@sydbroderick), Madison Merrell (@madisonmerrell1) and Karli Lehr (@Karlibreannee) for being unashamed to post candid photos of the team.

We feel you. Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.

4. Kyle Collinsworth, @bigrussia5, Men’s basketball, 2010–2011 and 2013–2015

Kyle Collinsworth had an incredible season, but his tweets have stayed humble. He made this list mostly because his Twitter feed has allowed us to see the nine-month transition from this…

…to this.

And of course, he’s on here too because he’s not afraid to be honest and upfront with his followers.

3. Xojian Harry, @xo_ballin11, Women’s basketball, 2011–2015

Xojian Harry is the most prolific tweeter on this list, by far. She’s a must-follow if you want to brighten up your timeline. Harry’s tweets show her sincere enthusiasm for her team, the Lakers, bad movies and high scores on 2048. She even teaches us valuable lessons like:

— Everybody gets starstruck.

— We shouldn’t necessarily be jealous of athletes’ days off school for away games.

— Athletes don’t understand Utah weather either.

2. Luke Worthington, @worthington41, Men’s basketball, 2013–2015

LUUUUUUUUUUKE wins for relatability. He’s the everyman of BYU athletics, and he’ll prove it to you, because he’s more than just a nice head of hair.

…No you don’t, Luke. We’ve all been there.

1. Skye PoVey, @PoVey_7, Football, 2011–2014

PoVey finished his last season as a Cougar this past fall, but he’s still killing it on the Twittersphere. He balances informative, inspirational and comical content through a scope not limited to football. PoVey’s tweets include quotes from prophets, support for other Cougar teams and even his musings on Drake lyrics, relationships and life at BYU. Plus, he only tweets five to seven times per week, so he won’t ever spam your feed. PoVey’s timeline is just what we want from athletes on social media:

— A super-serious insider’s look at on–campus athletics

— Proof that athletes don’t lead more glamorous lives than us

— True understanding of what it’s like to be a Cougar fanatic


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