15 of the most useless apps available


We remember a time before the phrase "there's an app for that" was commonplace. It was a simpler time, but we're grateful for the technological advances that brought us mobile banking, Google maps and news apps that deliver alerts directly to our phones. However, along with all the apps that make our lives better come a whole lot of apps that do absolutely nothing. Here are just a few examples of the world's weirdest and most useless apps.


Harmonica turns your smartphone into a virtual harmonica. It might help you learn to play, but who wants to slobber all over their phone? One word: germs. Who knows what that thing has picked up during your day? And is it really that difficult or space-consuming to just buy a harmonica? The instrument was designed to fit in your pocket …

Tickle Me!

“This is Andy, and he loves to laugh!” Andy is a red screen that you tickle with your finger. Andy version 1.50 not only laughs but wobbles when he is tickled too. Yep, wobbling. The advances are astounding.

Hold On!

Compete against yourself and others to see who can hold down the virtual button the longest. The high-tech timer will let you know how much of your life you have wasted down to the millisecond!

Alarm Free

Alarm Free is basically a panic button on your phone, except it can only flash and make alarm noises. It doesn’t actually alert anyone unless they are within earshot and, in an actually dangerous situation, would take a while to open.


Use the abacus app, because calculators are so last year.

Electric Shaver

An app that turns your phone into an electric shaver that doesn’t actually shave anything. The only real point we can see for this app would be pulling a prank on someone in their sleep. Electric shaver noises near your head? Scary.


This convenient little app will cover for you while you sleep at work. You can even adjust the frequency of each sound. For example, if you only staple once every 10 minutes, iNap@Work will replicate this. With iNap@Work you can rip off your employer more easily, as long as they don’t actually use their eyes.

Cry Translator

This app claims to interpret what your baby’s crying means. Are they hungry? Are they sleepy? Are you crazy?


All the benefits of a fire, except for the heat and the size and the smell and the realism.

Fish Tank

From the creators of FirePlace comes Fish Tank! With this app you can forgo all the pesky things about having a real fish tank like cleaning the tank, feeding the fish, clearing a space for the tank in your house and, oh yeah, really having fish!


For all you bird-lovers out there, now you can have a bird clock right on your computer. The BirdClock app is just liking having a real bird clock. It even plays different bird sounds to announce each hour.

My Talking Pet

If you have enough time to take pictures of your pet and then use this app to make their mouths move like they are talking, you have too much time. Go out and do some good in the world.

Ugly Meter

“Do you ever wonder if you’re ugly and your friends just don’t tell you?” No. We don’t. Because we are beautiful no matter what you say. Words (and apps) can’t bring us down.

Bubble Games

The description says it all:

“Most original bubble pinch experience, the most classic games heritage
Enjoy once happy, take a pinch Bubble!
It is that simple clicks you can have batter computing Oh!
No matter how much you have hands, like so you never busy, that is so cool, that is so exciting!”


Door Stop

Now that you have your own smartphone, you don’t need to fight the urge to flick the doorstop! Flick it all you want, because you’re an adult.

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