The need to ski


Who likes to hit the slopes and feel the winter air blasting in their face as your speeding down the slopes of your favorite ski run? I do, and so do many college students living in Utah. At every resort in Utah, college students must pay the full fare of admission, which isn’t nearly as desirable as a reduced student fare would be. Ski resorts must allow reduced rates for college students so they can hit the slopes more often while saving their expenses.

However, this idea is not merely a wake-up call, but rather it is a call to action! You must tell your friends, and in turn they must tell their friends. By spreading the idea around, change won’t be imminent any time soon, but the seed will be planted. Spreading the word is the only way to introduce this needed change upon the seemingly isolated resorts.

I firmly believe the resorts should lower their prices for students. I don’t have the money or means to ski often, and neither do most college students. Resorts must also realize this as a valuable business opportunity they would be foolish not to explore. By lowering the prices for students, myself and many of you would be able to hit the slopes more often than we currently are able. I personally love gliding down the slopes with the air and powder blasting in my face, and I know I’m not the only one.

Michael Sorensen

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