Last Cowboy Caucus Report


Chris Larson
Capital West News

Utah Rural Telecommunications Association reports to Cowboy Caucus

The Cowboy Caucus heard a report from Utah Rural Telecommunications Association’s (URTA) representative, Kira Slawson. The URTA sponsored the Cowboy Caucus this legislative session.

Slawson reported on the purposes of URTA and their actions this legislative session.

URTA is an association of 12 independent telephone companies that service the most remote areas of the state.

Slawson said that URTA was a major partner in bringing Internet to all of the schools in rural Utah and providing major telecom infrastructure for rural businesses.

URTA’s focus for this legislative session was HB343, a bill that amends the Utah Communications Authority, 911 Committee, and develops a public safety communications network based on interoperability between public safety and law enforcement officers. This bill came after a year-long study to assess the best technology for the new network.

Slawson said the URTA, in partnership with the Utah Department of Transportation, often lays cable wherever new roads or major roadwork is completed.

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