Brennan and Kylee win BYUSA election

Brennan Staheli and Kylee Marshall celebrate with supporters in the Wilkinson Student Center. (Facebook)

Brennan Staheli and Kylee Marshall won the 2015 BYUSA election on Tuesday, March 3. Brennan and Kylee posted a photo onto their Facebook page expressing gratitude to the students who voted for them.

In an interview on Feb. 11, candidates were asked which group they would like to become president and vice president if they themselves lost the elections.

Both Dubs and Aubs” and “Doug and Drew” said they would choose “Brennan and Kylee.”

Each candidate group invested time and energy in their campaigns and will continue to work with BYUSA.

“We’ve been blown away by our team and feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to work with them all these last two months,” Staheli and Marshall posted on Facebook. “We’re so excited to start work this next spring on our service plan. We promise to do our best to deliver.”

The two used hashtags, videos, stuffed Bean Museum animals and friends to spread the word about their campaign. The hashtags were #B2K15, #opendoors and #simpleservice.

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