Young Ambassadors to perform ‘Heartsongs: Melodies of Love’


The BYU Young Ambassadors will celebrate 45 years of world tours with performances by several Young Ambassadors alumni in the de Jong Concert Hall on March 5–7.

The Young Ambassadors group had drawn international attention as members traveled the world on tour. It had performed locally and around the world, its members facilitating workshops, service projects and outreach performances.

“Heart Songs: Melodies of Love” is the theme for the upcoming performance. Jordan Bromley, a Young Ambassadors performer, said the group combined song and dance to create an upbeat and powerful program that instills the message of love in the audience. He said it isn’t simply romantic love; it is also about loving family, friends, the community and oneself.

“It’s an hour and a half of pure fun with a variety of songs for all ages,” said Megan Sackett, performer and vice president of Young Ambassadors. “The costumes are bright, and every moment is filled with singing and dancing.”

The program is a blend of classics, Broadway favorites and contemporary music. Some highlights include “Love is an Open Door,” from the film “Frozen”; “Haven’t Met You Yet,” by Michael Buble; and “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson.

Sackett said an important element to the Young Ambassadors show is looking for the message they are trying to portray through song and dance. One song she is looking forward to is “Man in the Mirror,” because the song talks about making changes and loving oneself.

“I had to make a lot of changes in my life growing up so that I could be where I am today,” Sackett said. “I love being able to share that message with others and communicate it through song.” 

As a special edition to the March 7 performance, former Young Ambassadors will perform with the current ensemble. These alumni are all highly accomplished, some even having gone on to Broadway.

Tanner DeWaal, performer and president of Young Ambassadors, is looking forward to this opportunity to share the stage with the alumni. “I’m excited to rub shoulders with the phenomenal performers of the past,” he said. “I feel like we grow so close as an organization and legacy. It’s going to be really powerful as we join together with Young Ambassadors from decades ago.”

Sackett grew up with family members being a part of the Young Ambassadors, so she got to know cast members from the past and is excited to perform with many of them.

“I’ve grown up idolizing Young Ambassadors throughout the years. I look up to them, and I’m excited to be on the stage with them,” she said. 

In fact, there are many performers who have followed in the footsteps of family members. Bromley, whose parents and brothers were part of Young Ambassadors, said this performance will be unique because it will give performers a chance to take part in something that is so special to them and their loved ones.

Alumni will perform in both of the March 7 shows. DeWaal said the stage will be filled with talented performers, which will make the song unbelievably powerful. Bromley said he is excited to see everyone come together, doing something they enjoy.

“You’re looking at people who just love doing what they do and want to share it with others,” Bromley said. “The shows aren’t about ‘Look at what I can do.’ They’re more, ‘Look at what we can build and share together.'”

DeWaal said Young Ambassadors has been waiting a long time for this performance, and members want everyone to experience the energy that comes off the stage to bring happiness to the audience.

“You won’t regret it, and you’ll never forget it,” Bromley said. “The choreography is brilliant. The show melts together, and the group is very unified, and that shows on stage. I think you’ll see something you’ve never really seen before.”

Sackett said the group is excited to see this come together to bring joy to the audience, because that is who this is for.

“I promise something in the show is going to touch you and can change your life,” Sackett said.

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