Police Beat: Feb. 17- Feb. 21



Criminal Mischief

Feb. 17 — An officer responded to a report that an unknown individual placed debris in Botany Pond. On arrival the debris was removed.


Feb. 17 — An individual reported the possible odor of burnt marijuana around Helaman Halls. When officers arrived the source of the odor was located, and an individual was cited.


Feb. 21 — The suspect in the officer-involved shooting last week allegedly wanted to achieve “suicide by cop,” according to a 911 call from his estranged wife on the night of the incident. The suspect, Cody Evans, used two different modified Airsoft guns in his exchange with police officers. A statement from the Provo Police Department described the suspect’s death.

“Officers continued to issue commands that Evans stop and show his hands, which Evans ignored. Evans ran to his truck, opened the door, pulled out the AR-15 style weapon, and pointed it directly at officers. Fearing for their lives, officers engaged Evans with a total of three rounds from approximately 100 feet away. Evans passed away at the scene.”


Feb. 20 — Orem police are looking for a rental car that is way overdue. It’s a 2014 Dodge Journey with Colorado plates.

Feb. 20 — A Kansas man was arrested after he was caught shoplifting in Walmart.

Feb. 20 — A stolen U-Haul truck was found at a hotel in North Orem.

Feb. 20 — A car was stopped and searched. During the search, meth and drug paraphernalia were found. The driver was arrested.

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