Cougar Questions: What is your go-to college meal?

Kirk Katseanes, PD Bio, Blackfoot, Idaho

“My go-to college meal is probably corndogs.”

Henry Davis, Economics, Provo, Utah

“You get a spicy potato soft taco and a cheesy bean and rice burrito both off the dollar menu at Taco Bell and then you combine them into one mega burrito.”

Selena Ferrell, Anthropology, Nashville,Tennessee

“A Subway sandwich.”

Mutaz Bawaneh, International relations, Jordan

“I like The Wall a lot. I guess I’d say burgers.”

Denise Piedra, Film, Seattle, Washington

“I just get the tuna sandwich from the Twilight Zone.”

Makayla Wong, Chemical Engineering, Clam Gulch, Alaska


Abby Mcleod, Special Education, Shawnee, Kansas

“I would probably say chicken and rice.”

Adam Hine, Exercise Science, Santa Clara, Utah


Maiya Kano, Recreational Therapy, Highland, Utah

“Probably a grilled cheese sandwich.”

Keller Seamons, Finance, Bountiful, Utah

“I kind of like to do a breakfast burrito mashup. You dice a potato, you fry it up, you throw a couple eggs in there. Then you add some cheese and meat. Then throw it in a tortilla. It’s quick, it’s good, and it’s filling.”

And when you are really pressed for time, remember…


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