Photoshop fails: Celebrating 25 years of Photoshop


Photoshop turns 25 this year. Though it's hard to believe that the world once functioned without it, it's equally hard to believe Photoshop has been part of our lives for a quarter of a century. The best designers and photographers use Photoshop to create beautiful works of art. The not-so-adept artists use Photoshop to create images like the ones below. For 25 years of touch ups, Photoshop, we salute you.

Kate Upton’s Missing Armpit

Harper’s Bazarre featured an article on how to obtain the American supermodel’s beach body. Apparently, along with toned muscles, missing armpit chunks are in this year.

Andi Dorfman’s Stolen Shoulder

Clearly one of those bachelors wasn’t satisfied only stealing her heart.

China’s Smallest Centenarian

This poorly edited photo shows Chinese public officials, one of whom is without legs (but he can hover, so it’s fine), looking down lovingly on what appears to be the world’s smallest, cutest elderly woman.

Journalistic Integrity

When it comes to deciding between the Metro and the Sun, who will you trust?

Caught Black-handed

Microsoft Photoshopped an African American man out of its Polish version of the advertisement but left his hand. Maybe Microsoft thought the overly happy Caucasian man would distract us from the truth.

Three Hands, One Pair of Jeans

This Dust Jeans model is one lucky guy. He looks shnazzy, and he can hold his own hand. Who needs a girlfriend?

Whoo Whoo Whoo Could Possibly Turn Their Head That Far?

Models in 2006 must have possessed serious neck-turning talent … or just have been possessed.

Reflect Reject

Obviously, the reflection has half the storage capacity.

Standing on Her Own Two Feet … But Just One Leg

Now you see it. Now you don’t.

Got Milk? How About a Disembodied Hand?

That’s why these athletes made it to the Olympics! One of them has a clear advantage with that third hand.

Nobody Will Notice If We Add Just One More Missile

Iran released a photo of controversial missile testing in 2008. International press picked up the photo, many running it on their front page. Then, someone noticed the all-too-perfectly-similar smoke …

Me and My Shadow

Those pesky shadows are always giving away when you aren’t really holding a jumbo check! Not to mention the reflection on the car.

The Headless, er, Bodiless Horse

Vintage is all the rage, but we’re pretty sure that even in the days of black and white photos, the horses still had bodies.

Floating Pillows Not Included

Sofas are on sale, and you’d better get here fast, because we can’t guarantee your pillows won’t fly away.

Beretta Trifecta

“Sir, could you hold this gun for a moment?” “Sure! Just give it to my extra arm. It likes to feel useful.”

I Believe I Can Fly

All those dreams you had about jumping so high you flew out of the bounce house, they’re all coming true.

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