Apple may hit the road with Titan car

Rumors about a possible Apple car are circulating the Internet. Many support an Apple car because of the company’s seemingly unlimited finances, but others believe Apple won’t pursue manufacturing a car. (Twitter)

Apple might be working on a car. The corporation’s new Titan project has many talking about the potential Apple has to travel down the automobile industry road.

Dan Akerson, former General Motors chief executive officer, spoke with Bloomberg Feb. 18 and warned Apple against making cars.

Project leader Steve Zadesky worked as a Ford engineer for three years before coming to Apple. The 9to5Mac website recently revealed other project leaders and their backgrounds. Zadesky played a large role in the creation of the iPod and the iPhone.

According to Wall Street Journal’s original article, Zadesky and his 1,000-person team are working near Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California. The team is “researching different types of robotics, metals and materials consistent with automobile manufacturing.”

Investor Jason Calacanis, along with many news sources, predicts Apple will pay $75 billion for Tesla Motors within the next two years.

Others have already dispelled the rumors, claiming that Jobs was not a car guy, that the company lacks expertise and that this is “not the Apple way.”

Fortune magazine helped readers see Apple in a new light. Fortune quoted Ben Thompson, of Stratechery, who asked, “What if Apple is a design company with specialty in computers, and not the other way around?”

Yahoo Motoramic explored the pros and cons of an Apple car. “How Apple could change cars forever — or fail trying” explains that Apple could beat competition by manufacturing in China.

“When Apple has an idea, it tends to stick with it until it succeeds,” Justin Hyde, of Yahoo Motoramic, writes. “If you doubt for a second that Apple could peel off a few billion dollars and upset the auto industry without blinking, there’s a Walkman for you.”

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