Top 10 DIY Valentine Gifts


Valentine’s Day is just a week away. Are you fresh out of gift ideas? Ditch that bouquet of roses, and make your special someone a present all on your own. Whether it’s your spouse, your (hopefully) future boyfriend or your mom, your Valentine is certain to be tickled pink by these Do-It-Yourself gifts.

1. Customized conversation hearts. Because these are 10 times as big as the ones you buy at the store … and you get to write your own message!

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2. Valentine’s Day will be every day with this 365 Jar.

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3. Turn the old deck of cards in your kitchen drawer to 52 things you love about your Valentine.

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4. The endless possibilities of a sticky note.

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5. Don’t let Panda Express determine your fortune this year.

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6. Not quite ready to buy that diamond? Here’s something a little less committal.

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7. Message on a banana (or any fruit for that matter) is the new and improved message in a bottle.

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8. Scavenger hunts are always exciting but often difficult and time-consuming. This blog has every step planned for your perfect Valentine’s Day goose chase.

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9. All you need is a lightbulb, some wires and a little bit of craftsmanship.

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10. And don’t forget a DIY card to top off your gift!

Photo courtesy of Real Simple.

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