Cougar Questions: ‘What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date?’

Maddi Dayton
Natalie Schwendiman, Neuroscience, Hurricane, West Virginia

“It would be in Europe.  We would spend the day doing fun things and then relax at night. Also, I like surprises, so he can totally plan it all.”

Maddi Dayton
Nate Lant, undeclared, Draper

“If I could, we would go on a helicopter to the Green Meadow, among red and yellow tulips. We would picnic, and I would read her poems and sing to her. And then we would kiss on a mountain.”

Maddi Dayton
Mitchell Marshall, communications, Aurora, Colorado

“It would involve actually having a date. And chocolate. And bacon.”

Maddi Dayton
Missy Hilton, finance, Temecula, California

“I want to go to a fairy tale ball. I would wear a big, fancy dress and dance. At the end I will meet my Prince Charming, and we will live happily ever after.”

Maddi Dayton
Connor Humphrey, economics, New Canaan, Connecticut

“I like simple. I would just want to go to the movies.”

Maddi Dayton
Jessa Miles, medical lab science, Phoenix, Arizona

“My ideal date would be horseback riding on the beaches of Spain. Followed by dinner on the beach — candlelit.”

Maddi Dayton
Dax Eckles, undeclared, American Fork

“It would be raining. I would text her and say, ‘Are you home?’ When she said yes I would go over, knock on her door. Then in the pouring rain I would sing Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved.’ Then we would dance, also in the rain.”

 Camille Duncan, communications, Riverton
Camille Duncan, Communications, Riverton

“My ideal date would be boating in Lake Powell. I would wear a wet-suit if necessary.”


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