BYU professor questions ‘stateness’ of ISIS in Washington Post editorial


What makes ISIS so different from other militant groups that it has been successful in acquiring territory and establishing a new system of governance?

Elisa T. Adamson/BYU
Professor Quinn Mecham wrote an editorial for the Washington Post analyzing the viability of the ISIS terrorist group as a state. (BYU Photo)

This is just one of many questions that Quinn Mecham, BYU assistant professor of political science, explores in his editorial recently published in the Washington Post.

Mecham’s editorial is part of the “Islamist Politics in the Shadow of the Islamic State” symposium, a collection of essays exploring new developments in the Islamic world.

Mecham explores what exactly makes up the “stateness” of the Islamic State group and how it has developed so far this year.

Read the entire editorial here.

For more information on the development of ISIS, click here.

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