Final voting for Nonprofit Gift of Security ends Friday, Jan. 30

The three finalists for Security 101’s Gift of Security are The Road Home, the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake and Family Promise.

Utah’s Security 101 will soon be giving its third annual Gift of Security to a local nonprofit organization and is looking for the public’s help in picking a winner.

The Gift of Security is the donation of a security system valued at $10,000. Security 101 makes this donation annually in an effort to increase safety for nonprofit organizations that struggle to secure federal grants and funding for their programs. Sony sponsors this year’s donation.

“It is encouraging to see how many people in the community are willing to support the needs of the people we serve and that they are willing to put their resources to use in direct benefit to homeless families,” said The Road Home representative Dee Norton. The Road Home is an organization that helps families realize long-term self-sufficiency and one of the nominated finalists for this year’s award.

The other two nonprofit finalists are the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake, an after-school organization for children ages 6–18, and Family Promise, which aims to help families become self-reliant.

All three of the organizations said having a security system is something that would be a great benefit to them.

“The mere presence of a security surveillance system would deter criminal activity and vandalism, saving our clubs money and time. A decrease in crime as a result of these safety improvements will help promote the surrounding neighborhood as a safe living environment for residents and the youth we serve,” said Amanda Hughes, senior development manager for the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salt Lake.

The public can vote for a winner on the website. Voting will close Jan. 30, and the recipient of The Gift of Security will be announced Feb. 2.

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