BYU ranks in Top 10 Schools for A Cappella


BYU ranked in College Magazine‘s Top 10 Schools for A Cappella in a recent release Jan. 26.

College Magazine author Elizabeth Alvarado said, “BYU is certainly no stranger to a cappella, with many of its groups competing in the ICCA. If you watch the ‘The Sing-Off,’ the ‘American Idol’ of a cappella, then you might remember Vocal Point.”

BYU Noteworthy performs in Brigham Square outside the Wilkinson Student Center in December. (Noteworthy)
BYU Noteworthy performs in Brigham Square outside the Wilkinson Student Center in December. (Noteworthy)

According to the article, Vocal Point “competed in the third season with fun numbers like “Footloose.” They even made Justin Bieber songs bearable (no easy feat). With multiple a cappella groups on campus, BYU is overflowing with talent, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie.”

Alvarado said the criteria used for the ranking was the number of groups at each college, the competitions competed in, the number of awards and the unique aspects of each school.

BYU Vocal Point placed third in the 2014 ICCA Finals, and BYU Noteworthy also placed third in the 2014 Wild Card round. Beyond Measure placed third in the 2015 ICCA West competition held in Seattle Jan. 24.

BYU has its own A Capella Club and is home to more than 10 a cappella groups aside from Vocal Point, including BYU Noteworthy, Beyond Measure, Familiar Ring, Duly Noted, Attention, A Lotta Fermata, Grace A Capella, Upbeat, The Staff, Asymmetric, Major 6th and the BYU Black Student Union a capella group.

Beatboxer Adam Heimbigner stands at the front of the Vocal Point  group during its music video “Happy.” BYU recently ranked in the Top 10 Schools for A Capella, and its a capella groups continue to perform, create and inspire. (Screenshot)

Vocal Point released its Christmas music video in December. “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” was performed in the Harris Fine Arts Center and took 11 hours to create.

Vocal Point said, “We feel honored that BYU was picked as one of the best colleges for a cappella, and we honestly owe that to the music community here at BYU. BYU has an incredibly talented and active a cappella scene.”

Vocal Point group member Bryce Romney said Noteworthy, the other official BYU a cappella performing ensemble, also competed in “The Sing Off” and won the ICCA title in 2007, and this year Beyond Measure represented BYU at the ICCAs.

“There are numerous other groups that each perform as well. The A Cappella Club even creates an album every year featuring every group at BYU,” Romney said. “It’s really incredible, actually.There’s a place for everyone to get involved.”

Romney told fans to “keep an eye out for that album and the A Cappella Jam. Vocal Point is working on a music video, as is Noteworthy. Undoubtedly, other groups are producing new content as well.”

According to its Facebook page, Vocal Point recently asked for younger children to audition for a part in the upcoming music video. Nine boys will be cast to play each Vocal Point member when he was a child.

Vocal Point joined Snapchat earlier this month (byuvocalpoint) and uses its account to post photos and videos of shows, road trips and backstage activities.

The BYU men in their iconic blue suit jackets will perform at Winterfest Jan. 29–31 at the Salt Lake City LDS Conference Center.

BYU’s annual A Cappella Jam will take place March 25 at 7:00 p.m. in the JSB auditorium.

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