BYU gives open house tour of University Guest House

23 16:45:10
Faculty, administration and visitors toured the University Guest House Friday, Jan. 26. (Maddi Dayton)

The new University Guest House was recently opened to faculty and some alumni for an official tour Friday, Jan. 23. The Guest House will serve as official housing for Forum and Devotional speakers, guests of the university president, large donors and other high-profile visitors.

Considerable precautions were made to ensure the house was not damaged in any way, such as shoe coverings for the visitors and multiple supervisors.

“I think the guests are going to love it,” said Linda Thomas, executive secretary and Hinckley Center coordinator. “Many other universities offer similar accommodations for their high-profile visitors.”

23 16:45:16
Professor John Hughes takes a handout before touring the University Guest House Friday, Jan. 23. (Maddi Dayton)

The Guest House impressed many of the visitors as they gazed upon the enormous paintings of Christ, the warm color choices and finished hardwood floors. Each suite had a sign that displayed costs of accommodation, costs that would be covered by the department sponsoring the guest.

“Many of the paintings are copies right from the Museum of Art,” said Catherine Strange, facilities planner, interior design supervisor and main decorator of the Guest House. “My intention was for guests to feel a calm and relaxed feeling after a busy day on campus.”

University guests in the past stayed in the Marriott Hotel in downtown Provo. BYU looks forward to being able to provide a BYU experience for these high-profile visitors through this Guest House.

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