10 types of Super Bowl viewers

Fans always have a particular way of expressing their excitement. The Super Bowl game is on Sunday, Feb. 1., and you are bound to see, or be, one of these types of Super Bowl viewers.

1. The Fanatic

2. The … “Who’s playing in the Super Bowl again?”

3. The ” Oh my gosh, it’s halftime! Oh my gosh, it’s a commercial!”

4. The “Crybaby”

5. The “Scream-for-four-hours-straight”

6. The “I’m only here for the food.”

7. The “Superstitious”

8. The “Tweeter

9. The “Jersey chasers”

10. The “Why did I stop at Little League? I should have been in the Super Bowl!”

Watch out. Your inner Super Bowl self is showing.

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