Cougar Questions: Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

Ari Davis
Wineera Elkington, Exercise wellness, Hamilton, New Zealand

“I don’t really follow football that much, but the team I supported last year was the Seahawks just ’cause they’re a good team. I play rugby, and I heard they implemented rugby tackling, so that kind of interested me in the team.”


Leslie Lang, Environmental engineering, Modesto, California

“I hate the Seahawks. Wait, which one’s better? I say Patriots.”


Ari Davis
Stew Tribe, Advertising, Lindon

“The Patriots, because I just think they’re a better-coached team. I think the Patriots have just proved themselves in seasons and seasons. They made the Super Bowl a bunch. I think maybe that gives them the advantage over the Seahawks.”


Bryce Johnson, Genetics and biological technology, Temecula, California

“I would say Seahawks, because they’ve done it once before. And they do yoga. In my yoga class they talked about that, so that gives them the superior advantage.”


Travis Clawson, Business, Laguna Beach, California

“Seahawks. I don’t know, I just like them more.”


Ryan Murray, Business management, Elk Grove, California

“I hate the Seahawks, but I feel like they’re going to win because they have that fire and they’re on a roll.”


Ari Davis
Justin Schow, Exercise science, Cardston, Alberta

“I think the Patriots are gonna win because Tom Brady has been in the Super Bowl several times and has won several Super Bowl rings. I know that Russell Wilson has as well, but I think that the Patriots are the better team.”


Ari Davis
Alex Hunt, Finance, Lake Arrowhead, California

“The Seahawks, because I’m from California and I’ve gotta go with the West Coast.”


Ari Davis
William King, History education, Springville

“All the teams I wanted to win have been kicked out. Honestly, it looks like the Patriots because of how they just decimated the Colts. And without the Seahawks there I don’t know if anyone’s gonna be able to take them. Their defense I thought might have been able to combat against that offense. Best defense in the nation. But I don’t even like to think about it. I just wish they would both lose, even though that’s not possible.”


Ari Davis
Bryan Morrison, Exercise science, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I think the Patriots, because Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.”

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