LDS man makes semi-finals in ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ Doritos contest


The Seahawks and the Patriots will face off in Super Bowl XLIX, but Doritos commercials might prove more entertaining for some.

The Super Bowl is notoriously known for its comical commercials, and LDS contestants submit popular content.

Jason Johnson, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, from Virginia, worked with his family and friends to create the commercial, as explained to Deseret News.

“It’s just kind of our little family activity, something that we work on,” Johnson said. “By no means are we in any way professionals or actors or any of that kind of stuff. This was really just like shooting a home movie with your friends and your family … and it’s just kept going.”

The Johnson family found out early January that they qualified as one of the 10 finalists in the “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial contest.

LDS contestants have participated previously in Doritos commercial contests, including BYU graduate Tyler Dixon and full-time YouTubers Andrew Hale and Stuart Edge.

Regardless of the results, Johnson explained, he enjoyed the process of making the film with his family.

“We had a good time, and best of all, we got closer to the kids, which is always great,” Johnson said. “Each step of the way, they’ve become more and more surprised. It’s been fun to watch everybody and how excited they get.”

LDS affiliated commercials have yet to win the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, but this year Johnson has set the bar pretty high.

Voting is available once per day and device until Jan. 28.

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