No cold ankles


One of the many things that the three Brigham Young Universities are known and respected for is the Honor Code enforced in regard to dress and grooming; so why are the rules at BYU—Idaho different than that of BYU and BYU—Hawaii?

We have been told by the general authorities of the church that the “For the Strength of Youth” pamphlet contains the guidelines that should be followed throughout our lives, and nowhere under the dress and appearance section does it mention anything about not being able to wear shorts, capris or sandals, as BYU—I restricts.

It’s understood that the Church has a firm grasp on the idea of modesty and that it is unwavering. That causes confusion over the difference in Idaho’s rules. The sad part of this predicament is that the rules enforced at BYU—I are taking away the student body’s agency. Not necessarily the agency to dress modestly or not, because everyone had to sign the Honor Code and pledge to follow it, but the agency to dress modestly and choose the articles of modest clothes they are interested in wearing.

Some may think the rules aren’t that big of a deal, considering that Idaho has cold weather. Well during the summer, when Rexburg has a full campus, temperatures can reach 95 degrees. Not necessarily pants weather. When wearing modest clothing, students attending BYU have the power to communicate testimony, faith and virtue. That power is being limited for those in Idaho.

Taylor Zerilli
Roseville, California

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