Cougar Question: What is a resolution you wish you kept?


“I wish that I had kept a resolution to read one General Conference talk every day for a year.”

Emily Truman
North Carolina

“It would be to stay on top of my homework. It piles up, and you end up having a stressful and bad semester.”

Sariah Morey
Family studies
South Jordan

“I usually don’t set New Year’s resolutions, but I wish I did, and I guess that could be what I need to do. I wish I would set New Year’s resolutions and goals.”

Megan Wade
Human development
Heber City

“I always wish I (had) kept my resolution to write in my journal every day.”

Hannah Overton
Pre-graphic design

“Every year I tell myself I’m going to get a six pack … but I’m still waiting on that year to come. That or learn to play the piano.”

Perry Giles

“I resolved to try to study Italian every day. I didn’t do that, but I wish I had.”

Eirik Scoville

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