BYU student rescues unconscious cyclist after crash

A cyclist is now at the Utah Valley Regional Center after Junior Ramsey Carroll helped him after he went unconscious near the intersection on 900 E and Heritage Drive Friday, Jan. 9. (Screenshot)
A cyclist (only known by “Jared”) is now at the Utah Valley Regional Center after crashing his bike near the intersection of 900 East and Heritage Drive Friday, Jan. 9. (Screenshot)

A BYU student rescued a cyclist after an almost fatal crash on Friday outside the Creamery on Ninth.

Ramsey Carroll, a junior from Phoenix, Arizona, was pulling out of the BYU Creamery on Ninth parking lot when he saw a man on a bicycle fly over his handlebars and land face first on the asphalt.

Carroll parked his vehicle and ran to the cyclist. Carroll found the man unconscious when he reached him on the street.

“You know the Bourne movies?” Carroll said. “I totally just mimicked what Jason Bourne would have done. I’ve learned all my emergency preparedness from him.”
A woman also responded to the incident but was visibly shaken as she attempted to untangle the cyclist’s legs from the frame of his bicycle.

Carroll enlisted the help of another man to turn the unconscious cyclist over. “I knew we would have to turn the unconscious biker on his back if he wanted a better chance of survival,” Carroll said. “As I tried to turn him, it became evident quickly how badly he had been injured.”

Carroll said a deep cut ran from the cyclist’s right eyebrow across his temple and that the cut was spewing blood. The cyclist was having trouble breathing, so Carroll rested the cyclist’s head on his backpack and removed the cyclist’s tightly buckled helmet to create better airflow while another man dialed 911.

Carroll held the cyclist until the paramedics arrived and continued to hold him as the paramedics cut the cyclist’s backpack off his shoulders and placed his neck in a brace as a precaution.

The cyclist was soon conscious enough to remember that his name was Jared and that he was 28 years old, but he denied owning a bicycle and did not remember the crash.

Carroll said the paramedics put a u-brace around his neck before loading him onto the stretcher.

It is unclear what caused the man to crash his bicycle, but Carroll said the accident could’ve occurred because of poor road conditions.

The cyclist was placed in an ambulance and is being treated in the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo.

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