BYU store offers ‘Future Spouse’ on aisle 2

The BYU Store created a joke on one of the aisle signs in the school supplies section to kick off the new year. (Twitter Screenshot @Jenndola)

The school supplies section in the BYU Store now offers something a little different.

Signs are hung to help students see what each aisle contains. There has been a new addition this semester to supply aisle two: Future Spouse.

“We were just having fun,” said Paul Buss, buyer and supervisor of the school supplies department. “We wanted to see if people were paying attention to the signs and give them a good laugh.”

Not many students have noticed the sign. Sales associate Harper Crickmore works in the school supplies section and said no one has said anything to her about the new sign.

“I thought it was funny and that other people would find it funny too, but I’m not sure many have noticed because it’s on an aisle sign,” Harper said.

The store recently relocated all of the school supplies to the third floor of the Wilkinson Center with the goal of making it easier for students to get their books and supplies.

“Students don’t have to change floors anymore, making it more convenient for them,” Buss said.

There has been an overall positive response to the relocation. “There is more space downstairs, but it’s more convenient for students upstairs,” Crickmore said.

Students appreciate the change because it makes their shopping trips easier. The BYU Store can now give students everything they need: pens, notebooks and maybe even more.

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