Killing your own potential


Are you, or someone you know, chained down by controller cords and heavy consoles inside a make-believe world? Video games allow anyone to use their imagination and become someone stronger, faster, more intelligent, more attractive and more courageous on a screen. Such alluring options subtly persuade people of all ages to get lost inside gaming addictions that have the potential of destroying sociality, physical health, mental health and ultimately, life.

Gaming addicts watch as LED images become their realities, and while doing so, they forget about personal relationships with friends or family and true responsibilities until they are withered away into failure and disappointment. Studies throughout the world have proven that constant gaming can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, sleep disturbances, obesity and diabetes, eating irregularities, backaches, poor personal hygiene and several more self-afflictions.

Twisted story lines and graphic detailing slam gamers’ mentalities into a blender of mixed emotions that result in falsified pleasure, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger, hostility and, tragically, violence. As sad as the case may be, becoming a hero in a game may lead to the development of a villain in our delicate society. So save yourself the trouble, and unplug the connection to such a painful circumstance. So, gamers, learn something from the characters trapped inside the disk of a fictional world, step out into your reality, and do something great. It’s possible, trust me; I was once a level 92 Night Elf Hunter.

Danny Poulsen
Ely, Nevada

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