Year in Review: BYU Anniversaries

Bryan Pearson
The Kennedy Center will turn 30 years old as of this January. (Bryan Pearson)

Kennedy Center 30th anniversary

The David M. Kennedy Center celebrates its 30th anniversary this month. The center houses six international studies majors as well as more than 50 study abroad programs.

Majors include Ancient Near Eastern Studies, Asian Studies, European Studies, International Relations, Latin American Studies and Middle East Studies/Arabic. All six programs combined reach a total of 474 students.

Harris Fine Arts Center 50th anniversary

bryan Pearson
The Harris Fine Arts Center reaches its 50th anniversary in April 2015. (Bryan Pearson)

The Harris Fine Arts Center marks its 50th anniversary this school year with concerts and exhibitions ranging from “The Marriage of Figaro,” a full-scale opera, to “The Winter’s Tale,” a Shakespeare theatre performance. The HFAC will also hold an alumni lecture series and has produced a commemorative magazine in honor of the building and the lives it has shaped since its construction.

The year-long events schedule will lead up to the HFAC 50th Gala on April 3, 2015, which will include art exhibits, film screenings, food, dances and entertainment. Since its dedication, the HFAC has undergone several transformations but still holds its artistic, modern charm.

Wilkinson Student Center 50th anniversary

President Joseph Fielding Smith dedicated both the Harris Fine Arts Center and the Ernest L. Wilkinson Center on April 3, 1965. From the Student Employment offices to the Skyroom, the Wilk is the center marketplace for BYU. The Cougareat stays busy with Chick-fil-A, and the Bowling and Games Center and The Wall bring in more happy

Bryan Pearson
The Wilkinson Student Center has served BYU students for 50 years. (Bryan Pearson)

bowlers and karaoke stars.

Master of Public Administration program 50th anniversary

George W. Romney is the face of the Tanner Building — so long as the 50th anniversary celebration continues. The Romney Institute MPA celebrates its 50th anniversary. Mitt and Ann Romney were invited to speak and celebrate with the group on the BYU campus.

MPA hosted a Q&A session with the Romneys, a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new MPA lobby displays and a dinner banquet with the Romney Institute Advisory Board.

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