17 reasons Christopher Nolan (“Interstellar,” “Inception,” “The Dark Knight Trilogy”) is the greatest director of all time


1. He realizes Michael Caine should be in literally every movie ever made.

2. He understands physics.

3. He helps you understand physics.

4. He makes you want to understand physics.

5. He knows the talent of Hans Zimmer.

6. He still doesn’t let Hans Zimmer get away with the same thing in two franchises.

7. He doesn’t do it for the money; he does it for the art.

8. He knows how to add a little comedy to a very dramatic, action-packed scenario.

9. If his actors wear a suit to work, he does, too.

10. You have a different experience every time you rewatch one of his movies.

11. He’s not afraid to make you think.

12. He religiously shoots on film in 2D and avoids using green screen.

13. He knows how to use silence as a powerful tool in storytelling.

14. He uses as many practical special effects as possible.

For this scene, Nolan actually purchased an old candy factory, repainted the outside to look like a hospital and really blew the thing up on camera with Heath Ledger walking away from it.

15. He uses actors for what they can do for a story, not because they are popular.

16. As much as he uses special effects and plot twists, his movies are about the characters, their relationships and their journeys.

17. He’s not afraid of the slow burn.

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” we didn’t see Batman in costume until 40 minutes into the movie.

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