University Guest House complete, welcomes visitors

The new BYU University Guest House will be open to visitors who wish to have a more inclusive campus experience. (Linda Thomas)

The finishing touches have just been completed for the newest building on campus.

The new University Guest House is adjacent to the Former Presidents Home and has been under construction since December 2013. This particular building will be used to lodge university visitors hosted by university entities.

The 5,000-square-foot University Guest House has five bedrooms — three suites and two studios, all with private bathrooms and king-sized beds. There is also a shared living room and library for the guests to enjoy.

All guests will be provided a complimentary continental breakfast each morning of their stay, and optional room service will be available if pre-ordered with BYU Dining Services. The visitors are expected to stay anywhere from one to five days. Some may use the house over weekends.

The University Guest House offers visitors the full BYU experience to interact with the students more often. President Kevin J Worthen said visitors who come to BYU are generally impressed by the students. “They recognize that the students are all attractive, bright, articulate. … They say things like, ‘They radiate, they glow,’” he said. “It really is the Spirit that’s there.” (Linda Thomas)

Guests who will use the building will range from high-profile university and academic guests to major or potential donors.

Currently, all university guests have stayed at a local Marriott hotel, but the university wanted guests to be on campus and have a more inclusive experience at BYU while visiting.

Executive Secretary and Hinckley Center Coordinator Linda Thomas expressed her excitement for the new building and desire that all guests have the opportunity to participate and attend BYU events while they visit.

“The building is right in the heart of campus in the most historical part of the university,” Thomas said. “We hope that our guests will immerse themselves and have the entire BYU experience.”

Campus hosts may also schedule small dinners of up to 12 people in the Guest House library with their guests.

The university has made it clear that the University Guest House will not be available for any function unrelated to university visitors.

For more information, or to make a reservation, contact Linda Thomas at 801-422-2533 or

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