‘Mime-matics’ presentation to come to BYU

(BYU Mathematics Department)
Miming mathematicians Tim and Tanya Chartier will perform on the BYU campus on Dec. 10. (BYU Mathematics Department)

Miming mathematicians are taking over Room 3108 in the JKB Wednesday, Dec. 10, from 5 to 6 p.m.

Tim Chartier and his wife Tanya have presented their “Mime-matics” show all over the country and will visit BYU for the first time. The presentation is said to be an informative and interesting explanation of difficult math concepts through the art of miming.

“At many levels, (mime and math) seem like a rather odd combination,” Tim Chartier told a Gettysburg College audience in 2012. “Probably about the only thing that makes them feel natural is that a lot of people don’t like either of them. They make fun of math, and they make fun of mime.”

Chartier and his wife developed “Mime-matics” more than 10 years ago at Davidson College, an independent, liberal arts school in North Carolina. Both Tim and Tanya Chartier currently teach at Davidson, Tim as an associate professor of the math and computer departments and Tanya as an adjunct lecturer in education. They both trained at Le Centre du Silence mime school and Dell’Arte School of International Physical Theater and have taken master classes from Marcel Marceau, a well-known French mime.

Originally their shows were meant for younger audiences, but they’ve practiced their act for the young mathematician and the expert alike.

“It’s all about showing that math has real-world applications for all of us,” Chartier said. “It can be interesting and even fun.”

The presentation is open to all majors, and refreshments will be served beforehand at 4:45 p.m.

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