Dressing to impress


Students are likely to see women in bright shades of lipstick, leggings and yoga pants on an average day on campus. But if the women are trying to impress the male students on campus, they are missing the mark.

Student Olivia Zippi wearing the harem pants that are disliked by many men. (Maddi Dayton)
Student Olivia Zippi wearing the harem pants that are disliked by many men. (Maddi Dayton)

Many women claim to dress for men, but when it comes down to it actions speak louder than words. Many male BYU students feel that certain looks would be better if left on the runway.

BYU sophomore Samuel Norton said red lipstick has got to go. The classic ’50s look can be fun for women to dress up an otherwise boring outfit, but apparently men at BYU like their women basic. “It’s weird,” Norton said of the color.

Although leggings and yoga pants are an Honor Code hot topic among students, many women still choose to wear them regularly. BYU students Dane Peterson and Jeffery Langford said these tight styles aren’t their favorite look. “It’s like no pants,” Peterson said. “You just change the color of your legs for the day.”

On the other hand, wearing pants that are too loose can also be a turn off. “One new fad that has started to bug me is the poofy pants that seem so popular,” said BYU sophomore Kenny Schoemig. “It makes everyone else uncomfortable by having a walking MC Hammer impersonator.” Harem pants, boyfriend jeans, drop-crotch sweats and joggers fall into this “poofy-pant” category and should not be worn by women trying to attract positive attention from men, according to Schoemig.

Other looks that sometimes gather men’s disdain are high-waisted pants, shoulder pads, buttoning the top button of a cardigan, the “Utah hair poof” (hair teasing)  and floral print pants.

Following these guidelines isn’t a guarantee that a look will be every man’s cup of tea.”These things ‘guys hate’ when girls wear (them) definitely aren’t universal,” said sophomore Cody Hanset. “Each opinion here is just representative of a certain type of guy’s taste in girls.”

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